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第三部 第八課: 請重複跟讀 - 於留空之間可以順暢唸完為止‧

  • You know that beautiful girl who sits ahead of me in English class?
  • 你知道英語課坐在我前面那個很漂亮的女孩子嗎?...
  • She keeps turning me down for dates,
  • 她老是拒絕我的邀約,....
  • but I finally got a foot in the door today, she met me for coffee after class.
  • 可是,今天我終於邁出了第一步,她答應下了課和我一起去喝咖啡。
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  • Getting into politics is tough.
  • 想要進入政界是很難的....
  • But Martin got his foot in the door when he volunteered to go around town putting up posters for the Republican candidate for Congress.
  • 可是,馬丁曾經在當地義務地幫助那些共和黨競選國會議員的候選人張貼標語,這讓他在進入政界中邁出了第一步。
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  • Honey, I've got to sit down and rest before I take you out to dinner.
  • 親愛的,我得坐下歇一會兒再和你一塊兒出去吃晚飯....
  • I'm really dead on my feet tonight,
  • 今天晚上我的兩隻腳實在累死了....
  • we had the big year-end sale on and I was so busy I didn't even have time for lunch.
  • 我們正在舉行的年底減價大銷售,我忙的連午飯都沒有時間吃。
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  • My parents took me to Constitution Avenue to see the parade.
  • 我父母帶我到憲法大道去看遊行....
  • After standing there for a whole day,
  • 在那裡站了一整天之後,...
  • my mom was so dead on her feet by the time we got home that she could not even cook dinner for us.
  • 我媽媽的腳累得要死,回到家的時候連晚飯也沒辦法為我們做了。
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EPT 美語
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