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第三部 第三課: 請重複跟讀 - 於留空之間可以順暢唸完為止‧

  • Better get a haircut before you go to that job interview tomorrow.
  • 你明天去那個公司面談之前最好去理一下髮....
  • You want to put your best foot forward because there are twenty other people after the same job.
  • 你得給他們一個好印象才行,因為有二十多個人都在競爭這個工作。
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  • I finally got a date with that girl I've been trying to go out with so long.
  • 我終於和那個女孩子約好了明天一起出去玩,這是我長久以來所夢寐以求的....
  • So I'm putting my best foot forward...
  • 所以,我要給她一個好印象。...
  • and sending her a dozen roses and a box of chocolates before I pick her up tomorrow.
  • 在明天去接她之前,我就先送她一打玫瑰花和一盒巧克力。
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  • My brother Joe got fired for never coming to work on time,
  • 我的弟弟喬伊因為老是不準時上班而被公司解雇了....
  • but he landed on his feet and found another job that paid twice as much money.
  • 可是,他倒是逢凶化吉又找到了另一份工作,而且工資還加了一倍哩。
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  • Mr. Green is one of these people who's not afraid to put his money into some very risky investments.
  • 格林先生就是那種不怕冒很大風險去投資的人....
  • Sometimes he'll lose out,
  • 有的時候,他也會虧本,...
  • but somehow he usually manages to land on his feet and find money to put into something else that makes a profit.
  • 但是,他總是會逢凶化吉,找到可以投資且賺到錢的地方。
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EPT 美語
EPT 美語
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