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EPT 美語
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第一部 第二課: 請重複跟讀 - 於留空之間可以順暢唸完為止‧

  • Honey, let me take you out to dinner,...
  • 親愛的,讓我帶你去外面吃晚飯吧,...
  • But you know I don’t feel like dressing up to go some place fancy.
  • 不過,我實在不想穿得必恭必敬的去那些高級場所....
  • How about just going down the street to the greasy spoon and getting hamburgers?
  • 咱們就上街頭的那個小飯館去吃漢堡好嗎?
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  • Mike, you ought to try the potstickers at that little Chinese joint on New York Avenue.
  • 麥克,你得上紐約大街那個中國小飯館去嘗嘗他們的鍋貼....
  • It looks like a greasy spoon but the potstickers are great and the price is cheap.
  • 那個飯館看起來不怎麼樣,可是他們的鍋貼味道真好,價錢又便宜.
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  • Say, Charley, if you don't have plans for tonight,
  • 喂,查理,你要是晚上沒什麼事,...
  • why don’t you come out to our house and take potluck with us?
  • 那何不就來我家裡吃便飯,有什麼吃什麼....
  • Helen won’t have time to cook anything special,...
  • 海倫不一定有時間做什麼特別的菜,...
  • but she can put an extra plate on the table for you.
  • 但是她可以為你而在桌上加一組碗筷.
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  • I’ve been so busy lately.
  • 我最近可忙的了,...
  • Last week I went to a greasy spoon with a friend and this Sunday I’ve got to go a potluck.
  • 上個週末我和一個朋友去一家小飯館吃飯,這個星期天我得做一道菜帶去參加一個聚會.
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EPT 美語
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