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第一部 第19課: 請重複跟讀 - 於留空之間可以順暢唸完為止‧

  • Smith was lucky enough to bail out and quit the company just before it went bankrupt.
  • 史密斯真是運氣好,他在那家公司倒閉之前就辭職了。
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  • After his restaurant failed, Bill couldn't pay back the money he had borrowed from the bank.
  • 比爾的飯館倒閉後,他沒有錢來還銀行的貸款....
  • He was afraid the bank would take the house he'd put up as security.
  • 他當時很害怕,擔心銀行會把他的房子拿走,因為他把房子當做他貸款的擔保品....
  • But his dad bailed him out and paid the loan off for him.
  • 但是他爸爸替他還清了銀行的錢,這樣才把他從危機裡解救了出來。
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  • Today the stock market took a nosedive and dropped 25 points.
  • 今天股票市場的價格猛跌,下跌了二十五點。
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  • Everyboday thought this young actor would have a brilliant future after he starred in two pictures that made a lot of money.
  • 大家都以為那個年輕演員,在演了兩部非常賣座的電影後,一定會前途無量的....
  • Then he appeared in three films that nobody went to see,...
  • 但之後他演了三部沒有人要看的電影,...
  • and his career took a nose dive -- no producer wants him any more.
  • 從此,所有的製片人都不要他了,他的演藝生涯就此一落千丈。
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EPT 美語
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