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第一部 第20課: 請重複跟讀 - 於留空之間可以順暢唸完為止‧

  • My family received me with open arms when I came back from my trip to California.
  • 在我去加州旅遊後,家裡的人都張開雙臂歡迎我的歸來‧
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  • All us students are up in arms at the news the school is raising our tuition ten percent.
  • 所有我們學生聽到學校要提高百分之十的學費時,都火冒三千丈。
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  • No way am I going to vote for a bill to raise income tax again.
  • 我絕對不會投票支持再次增加所得稅的提案....
  • The voters back home are already up in arms about how much the government takes out of their pay already,...
  • 我們州的選民對政府現在從他們工資裡扣除的稅的數量已經非常惱火了;...
  • and I have to run for re-election this fall.
  • 而我今年還要競選連任呢。
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  • I keep trying to get friendly with that lovely blonde who sits next to me in biology class.
  • 我一直設法和那個生物課坐在我旁邊的金髮姑娘接近....
  • But she keeps me at arm's length.
  • 但是她總是要跟我保持一段距離。
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  • Let me warn you about this Smith fellow.
  • 讓我來警告提醒你關於那個叫史密斯的傢伙....
  • He seems like a nice, friendly guy. But it's wise to keep him at arm's length.
  • 他看起來似乎很友好,但是,你最好還是跟他保持一定的距離....
  • You get too friendly with him, and the first thing he'll do is ask to borrow money from you.
  • 一旦你和他很友好時,他馬上就會要跟你借錢的。
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EPT 美語
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