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第一部 第18課: 請重複跟讀 - 於留空之間可以順暢唸完為止‧

  • My boss is a stuffed shirt:
  • 我的老闆老是愛擺架子,吹噓自己;...
  • all he talks about is how important his ancestors are,
  • 他開口閉口就是說他的祖先多麼有地位,...
  • how he was number one in his class at his university,
  • 他在大學唸書的時候又如何成為他們班上的第一名,...
  • and the wonderful things he thinks he's done for our company.
  • 還自稱對我們的公司做出了多的大貢獻等等。
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  • I think I'll vote for Jimmy Brown instead of the other guy James Leland Elegant the third.
  • 我想我會投吉米‧布朗的票,而不投那個看來很高雅的利蘭‧艾立根....
  • Jimmy isn't a stuffed shirt like Elegant --
  • 吉米不像艾立根那樣神氣活現,...
  • he's a friendly, informal guy like us ordinary people.
  • 他很友好、隨和,就像我們普通老百姓一樣。
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  • Of course Dad gets mad at me sometimes for no good reason.
  • 當然,我父親有時候會對無厘頭地發火....
  • But if I ever need it,
  • 但是只要我有需要,...
  • I know that he would give me the shirt off his back.
  • 我知道他總是會盡一切力量來幫助我。
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  • Pete never says very much.
  • 皮特這個人平時話不多....
  • But when he hears about somebody who's sick in the hospital or lost his job,...
  • 但是,每當他聽說某人有病進了醫院,或者是失去了工作時,...
  • he's always the first to put his hand in his pocket and bring out money to help.
  • 他總是第一個就拿錢出來幫忙的人.
  • Yes, sir, he's the kind of man who'd give you the shirt off his back.
  • 是的,他就是這種會儘力幫助別人的人。
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EPT 美語
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