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EPT 美語
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第一部 第13課: 請重複跟讀 - 於留空之間可以順暢唸完為止‧

  • Every two weeks while the Congress is in session, I try to get back home to California to talk to people.
  • 當國會舉行會議的時候,我每兩個星期設法抽空回到加州一次,和當地的人進行談話....
  • This doesn't give me much time to relax with my family,...
  • 我沒有多少時間可以和家人在一起,...
  • but I have to keep an ear to the ground and hear what voters are thinking about.
  • 但是我還是得及時了解選民的想法。
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  • I try to keep an ear to the ground...
  • 我總是設法注意人們的想法....
  • And what I hear these days is that most people think we spend too much money on building roads and not enough on our schools.
  • 而最近我聽說,大多數人認為我們在築路方面花錢太多,而用在學校方面的錢卻不足。
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  • Half the people in my office are home sick, so I'm up to my ears!
  • 我辦公室裡有一半的人請病假,害我忙死了。
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  • Gee, honey, you know I'd like to help you paint the kitchen tonight.
  • 哦~親愛的,你知道我很願意今天晚上幫你把廚房上油漆....
  • But I'm up to my ears in paper work I had to bring home from the office.
  • 可是我從辦公室帶回來好一些緊急需要做的事情。
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  • The mayor says he didn't know people on his staff were taking bribes.
  • 市長說他不知道他手下的人員接受賄賂....
  • But my guess is he's up to his ears in it.
  • 可是,我猜想他完全是有介入這些事的。
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EPT 美語
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