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EPT 美語
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第一部 第12課: 請重複跟讀 - 於留空之間可以順暢唸完為止‧

  • Turn left at the next corner and then follow your nose -- you can't miss it.
  • 到前面的路口向左轉,然後一直走就到了,你不會看不到的。
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  • You say you're looking for the French Bakery?
  • 你是說你在找那個法國麵包店嗎?...
  • Just walk two blocks north, turn left, and you can smell that wonderful smell of fresh bread baking.
  • 只要往北走過兩條街,然後往左轉,你就會聞到那烤麵包的香味....
  • Just follow your nose and it will bring you right to the front door.
  • 隨著香味走,就會把你帶到那家(麵包)店的門口了。
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  • My brother Bob borrowed the money to open his restaurant five years ago when the interest rate was so high.
  • 我哥哥在五年前借錢開他那個飯館的時候,正好利率非常高....
  • So he's been paying through the nose ever since.
  • 因此,從那時起他就一直很辛苦地在還債。
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  • Life is funny. When the famous dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh was alive, nobody wanted to buy his pictures.
  • 人生實在是很有趣的.當那位有名的荷蘭畫家文森特·梵谷還活著的時候,沒有人要買他的畫....
  • But now rich people will pay through the nose for one, sometimes more than five million dollars.
  • 可是,現在那些有錢人卻願意出高價買他的畫,有時候一張畫就要五百多萬美元。
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EPT 美語
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