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第一部 第七課: 請重複跟讀 - 於留空之間可以順暢唸完為止‧

  • The retreating German army tried to blow up all the bridges across the Rhine River
  • 正在撤退的德國軍隊設法炸毀萊茵河上的所有橋梁...
  • to stop the Allied troops from crossing into Germany.
  • 來阻擋聯軍越過萊茵河進入德國。
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  • I really blew up when I learned that my girlfriend was going out with another man.
  • 當我知道我的女朋友還跟另外一個男人出去玩的時候,我可真是火大了。
  • I have to stop at the gas station to blow up my front tires.
  • 我得到加油站去給汽車的前輪打氣。
  • I'd like 8 by 10 blow ups of these negatives, please.
  • 請你把這些底片放大成 8 X 10 吋大的照片。
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  • My car smashed into a tree when I had a blow-out.
  • 當我的輪胎炸的時候,我的車子就撞上了一棵樹。
  • You'd better blow out that candle before it sets fire to the tablecloth.
  • 你最好還是把那個蠟燭吹滅,否則桌布都要燒著了。
  • All the lights went off in the building and the elevators stopped when the master fuse blew out.
  • 大樓的總保險絲一斷,大樓裡所有的燈都滅了,電梯也停了。
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  • When the Lees celebrated their 25th anniversary,
  • 當李家夫婦慶祝他們結婚二十五周年的時候,...
  • they invited all their friends to a big blow-out at the best hotel in town.
  • 他們在當地最高級的旅館裡舉行了一個規模盛大的聚會,把所有的朋友都請去了。
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EPT 美語
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