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第一部 第15課: 請重複跟讀 - 於留空之間可以順暢唸完為止‧

  • My wife spent all afternoon yesterday cooking a special dinner for our wedding anniversary.
  • 為了慶祝我們的結婚週年日,我太太花了整個下午精心地準備晚餐....
  • So she really flew off the handle when I came home three hours late.
  • 可是,我昨天晚上晚了三個小時才回到家,她可真是火冒三千丈。
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  • Honey, please don't fly off the handle,...
  • 親愛的,你可別發火,...
  • I had a little accident with the car, but it certainly wasn't my fault.
  • 我出了個小車禍,可是那絕對不是我的錯。
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  • If my brother-in-law hopes to borrow any more money from me,...
  • 要是我的小舅子再想找我借錢,...
  • he will be barking up the wrong tree.
  • 那他算是找錯了門了。
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  • Hey man, if you think I was the guy who robbed that bank today,...
  • 喂,要是你認為我是今天搶銀行的那個人,...
  • you're barking up the wrong tree! I was nowhere near the place.
  • 那你就找錯人了,因為我根本就沒有在那地方或附近。
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EPT 美語
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